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The press can now be lifted upwards and out of the crate using a crane or hoist. For example, an Engine Hoist or Powered hand truck can be used. If the crane is stationary, then the press can also be lifted onto a scissor lift trolley for transport and then slid from the trolley onto the workbench.

Place the press in its working position. The bench worktop should be of a minimum thickness of 25mm, stable and level. The press needs to be sited near to an electrical power supply to connect to the press for operation.


The press should be positioned at least 25cm back, away from the edge of the worktop, so that the drawer is over the worktop when fully open.

The press is supplied filled with hydraulic oil (VG100, P/N GS25901) and is ready to use. Specac would strongly advise that the Apex 400 press packing materials are retained and not destroyed, for future transportation should it be


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